My Bread Mentor, Jim Lahey

by Martha Stephenson on November 15, 2020

A customer said to me last week "I would love to purchase your flour but I don't know how to make sourdough bread. Do you have a recipe?" For anyone ready to embark on a bread-making journey, I would highly recommend starting with a basic no-knead recipe first like the one here by Jim Lahey. It uses a scant amount of commercial yeast and the process and method are simple yielding incredible results. From there, the progression to sourdough will seem less daunting. Lahey also has an excellent recipe for sourdough which I will post soon. I love his easy no nonsense style:dump ingredients, mix vigorously, shape and bake. So start here! Reach out if you have any questions at

p.s. This photo is my bread using Jim Lahey's no-knead recipe :)